Mi-Time software


  Eliminates fraud

  Save on payroll

  Reduce operational cost and wasted HR time

  Easily track and monitor employee working hours

  Simple to use

Mi-Time time and attendance software is a cost cutting solution to help your business grow. Mi-Time software features a user friendly interface which allows you to monitor and accurately manage your employee working hours, tardiness and overtime.


  • Unlimited shifts and rosters

  • Auto shift sensing

  •  Audit trail

  •  Leave management

  •  18 Comprehensive reports

  •  Advanced rostering

  • Exports reports in Excel, PDF and CSV

  • Exports to all major payroll systems

  •  Easy and bulk editing

  •  Calculate overtime per day, week, fortnight and month

  •  Remote support

  • Minimize payroll processing time

  • Eliminate time theft (early in, late out & buddy clocking)

  • Accurately calculate hourly totals

  • Eliminate calculation errors

  • Easily convert data into actionable, valuable information

  • Friendly after sales support